Keep Your Entire Driver List In One Location

And Easily Managed Through The Interactive Map

Every Order Tracked, Every Drop Off Time & Geolocation Stamped

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Integrated Route Optimization Planning, Dispatch, Navigation and Vehicle Tracking

World leaders in the planning and execution of routes help companies…

Reduce miles driven up to 30% with more optimal and accurate routes.

Imagine being able to make more deliveries every day with the same amount of resources.

This can be achieved through real-time visibility into the status of every order, along with

what your drivers are doing, where they are going and located.


Designed to reduce travel times, mileage, fuel consumption and working hours, the integration optimizes your operations and lowers costs by:

  • Reducing planning time up to 80% with automated route planning
  • Reducing miles driven by 20% to 30% with more optimal and accurate routes
  • Increasing driver efficiency by up to 20%, completing more stops each day

Automatic & Seamless Dispatching

With a few mouse clicks, route plans are instantly dispatched to TomTom PRO Driver Terminals installed in your vehicles. With Route4Me and WEBFLEET, drivers have instant access to all orders - they simply accept, execute and complete each order. Managers have real-time visibility of delivery ETAs and electronic proof of delivery/service.

Vehicle Tracking and Order Management

WEBFLEET tracks every aspect of the route driven and status of each order with the industry’s leading vehicle tracking and connect navigation solution.

  • Ensure route compliance by comparing planned and actual routes within Route4Me
  • Real-time visibility of order status and estimated time of arrival
  • Provides proof of delivery

Safe and Efficient Driving

Route4Me’s integration minimizes the need for dispatchers and drivers to talk and text.

TomTom helps drivers keep their eyes on the road and their hands on the wheel. Innovative TomTom PRO Navigation Devices feature advanced lane guidance to help with navigating tricky junctions, text-to-speech software for spoken job instructions and messages. Your drivers will have fewer distractions and lower stress levels, too.

When your drivers get stuck in traffic, the productivity of your business plummets and service suffers. That’s why we’ve made traffic information an important part of our fleet management solution. Reliable traffic information helps your drivers find the quickest routes and accurate ETAs help you to keep your customers properly informed.

ACTIVE DRIVER FEEDBACK empowers your drivers to adopt a better driving style and encourages self-management.


TomTom Telematics is a Business Unit of TomTom dedicated to fleet management and vehicle telematics. Our WEBFLEET platform is used by businesses to improve vehicle performance, save fuel, support drivers and increase overall fleet efficiency, serving over 45,000 customers with over 625,000 vehicles. Learn more at

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